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At Seahorse Express we don’t just think outside the box, we live there. Given our multitude of axle configurations, we have the capacity to move freights weighing up to 400,000 lbs. If your heavy haul loads need to cross several state lines (invoking countless different regulations from more government agencies than you can count), we have the expertise to make sure you're in compliance.

Our team of permit experts and logistical specialists can navigate the red tape as well as the roads, ensuring that your shipment arrives on time and in perfect condition. If it’s a tough job, it’s a Seahorse Express job! Our commitment to meet customer needs has driven us to pursue specific equipment acquisitions such as:

  • Trailers RGN
  • Extendable RGN up to 13 Axles
  • Landolls
  • Single Drop Trailers
  • Double Drop Trailers
  • 200,000 lb Crane On Sight
  • 50,000 lb Forklift
  • Container Handler Toploader 90,000 lbs
  • Misc. Lift Trucks 2,000 lb to 30,000 lb

Our Heavy Haul and Specialized Transportation
divisions consistently execute specialized carrier
transports nationwide. With this expertise, we are looking
forward to the opportunity to move your high, wide, and
heavy haul cargo in the very near future.

Heavy Hauling Freight Brokerage Transporting an excavator on a removable goose neck truck trailer.
Heavy Machinery Hauling and Transportation Freight Logistics RGN Seahorse Express
Seahorse Express Freight Logistics hauling heavy, oversized, and complex cargo, machinery, and more.
Heavy hauling, oversized cargo, complex transportation made easy for business and personal transport by Seahorse Express Freight Logistics.


The Seahorse Express Team are trained experts due to their many years of experience. They come to work each day with a passion to provide excellence. They are always ready to help you every step of the way, whether in the planning stages of a project or during it’s course.

We provide skidding and crating for loose equipment as well as loading and off-loading ocean containers and or trucks.

Seahorse Express offers quality services and guidance in the rigging and transportation industries. This includes rigging, installations, removals, mechanical disassembly and assembly of all types of machinery nationwide.

We specialize in over-dimensional and overweight cargo. We are 48-state common and contract carriers. If you need a place to store your stuff, we can handle your short- or long-term storage needs with our warehouse located in in Bayonne, NJ.

Seahorse Express has forged its reputation by helping clients overcome obstacles they face. We are the industry leader when it comes to rigging and heavy transportation, however we can also help with the following:

  • Machinery Disassembly
  • Assest Salvage
  • RoRo Shipping
  • Container Machinery Transport
  • Rigging and Crane
  • Permitting
  • Transportation Guidance
  • Installations & Removals
  • Heavy Ocean Transport
  • Import & Export

Heavy haul transport requires specific documentation and obtaining permits prior to travel. Typically the permits are issued on a per-shipment basis, and while regulations vary, some orders may require city, county or municipality specific permits.

Most states issue permits that outline the amount of time the oversized freight can travel (usually three to five days) and details the operating hours. Some commodities may require their own designated permit as well.

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When it comes time to move your next big load, look to a heavy haul carrier with experienced drivers ready to move your freight safely and securely.

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