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Seahorse Express providing expert Port Drayage services, transport your cargo from Sea/Ocean Port to your location with top Freight Management
seahorse express heavy hauling machinery
Low boy Removable Goose Neck Truck Hauling Heavy Equipment Services
Removable Goose Neck Lowboy Transportation Services for oversized, tall, and heavy materials, cargo, and machinery.


Seahorse Express is the leader in oversize operations.

Here are some reasons why:

    Large Fleet Size
    Experienced Sales Agents
    Equipment Availability
    Knowledgeable Support Staff

As a Leading Transportation Provider, we pride ourselves on customer care.  As experts in Extra Heavy, Large, and Complex transportation, we are prepared to manage any transportation need. We specialize in dismantling, reassembling, and hauling heavy machinery.

With experience like ours, we always have the equipment, expert specialists, capacity, and motivation to meet your heavy haul needs on time and with no obstacles.  

We have a large network of trusted truckers that can transport oversized equipment to any state, port, or any of our locations throughout the US.

So, whether you need to transport machinery to the next town, next state, or across the country, Seahorse Express can help with all of your transportation needs.

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Experience in Domestic and International Transport of Heavy Equipment, Out-of-Gauge Cargo, and Drayage Since 2008

100% Insured

Shipping heavy machinery is one of our specialties.

   Seahorse Express can help you determine the most strategic and effective route to ship your cargo. We will provide you with various options and give our recommendations based on the best price and service for you.

Reliable Solutions

Seahorse Express has the experience and knowledge to provide a variety of domestic freight transportation services. Even with the additional cost to dismantle and re-assemble your equipment, shippers often save thousands of dollars by working with Seahorse Express.

Industry Leading

Since 2008, we have experience in domestic and international transport of heavy equipment and out-of-gauge cargo reassures that we are an established and experienced company to partner with.

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Heavy Logistics, simplified.

When your logistics provider cares about your cargo as much as you do, there is a level of trust which instills confidence for repeat business. That is why our clients continuously return to us:                     because we treat them well.

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